“In-Depth Review”: Heir of Fire (I’m confused, someone explain)


DISCLAIMER: I haven’t read this book series in over five years (however long Crown of Midnight have been out). I read this for fun and fun only. I don’t mean this as an attack on the Sarah J. Maas as an author or anything in that vein. This is just really me being confused.

– I still don’t understand what is Chaol’s role in this book and it’s been three books. He was a love interest for the first two but got dumped in this one so now he is just there. And instead of MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS he is off trying to figure out the thousands and one mysteries of the continent. However, this comes with his inner monologue of “I am doing this for her” followed by “even though I could never love her because she is a fae.” When he finally gets a backbone to handle everything, it is too late and too messy. And then we never hear from him again. Fun times.

– Rowan and Aelin’s relationship is borderline problematic but surprisingly less problematic than it could be. But I still don’t know how SJM is gonna develop their relationship because they literally went from hating each other to supporting one another in two paragraphs. Which is weird because like, Rowan saw Aelin’s scars and immediately changed his approach on her. And there have been these hints of a possible relationship but it never really showed development in a way that is could be carried out throughout the rest of the series so I am interested in seeing how it will play out.

– I really like Manon but she falls in the category that all my witches fall in and that is: Please stop telling me how ruthless she is and actually show it. It constantly mentioned how ruthless witches can be and how they never tend to stay in contained spaces without killing one another. But they been in a contained space for the entire book and all the slaughter was done off the page. And every time Manon is going to be ruthless, she isn’t. Obviously I understand the situation but I still wish for more ruthlessness. But that’s a personal reference.

-Also I don’t understand the iron teeth and nails. I assumed that they were Manon’s actual teeth but it is more like a shield that she can retract when she wants???? The same is for this film that she has over her eyes that protects her… like how a crocodile has them when it goes underwater… This is where I wish we have more explanation because she literally shows up because these witches somehow agreed to help the King of Adarlan, believing that he would return their land after the war, and then they just have these weird traits that are never explained. 

– Also, they mention Crochan (I don’t know how to spell it) witches and how they curses their lands so now witches can’t live there but there are hints of other people living… I am confused. I need some explanation given the amount of times mentioned about this curse and these witches. (If this is explained in the novellas, I’m going to remained confused because I’m not reading that.)

– I don’t know who is who in the Thirteen. They keep mentioning the Shadows and I thought it was like four witches in Manon’s coven but they are actually just two witches. And then they say things like “the demon twins, more demon than human.” Which, again cool concept but no proof so… I don’t believe it. Finally, it just goes on to names being dropped and descriptions and then we spend over 20% without seeing Manon and the Thirteen and when we do, the names are mentioned without back tracking to remind the reader of who these people are. Because we obliviously didn’t spend 20% in a bunch of other characters’ chapters, meeting different characters and going through other events. Like, that didn’t happen. It’s fine. 

– Dorian and Scorcha’s romance?? It literally just happened. Dorian didn’t know who she was in one chapter and then the next it’s like they known each other a lifetime. Like cool. Development where?

– A lot of things happen to the lack of discussion on it. So much happened in Aelin’s arch towards the end of the book that its just brushed off. Here are a few of them: 
> The cadre shows up? Even though we spend the entire book talking about how they couldn’t come to help because Maeve wouldn’t allow them to. And then they just leave after the conflict like it never happened??
> Aelin took down the Valg and she and Rowan are caranam (however you spell that) and they are just chill with it. Like, we are not going to talk about how or why or anything? 
> Also, Aelin and Rowan suddenly going to Doranelle? 
> Maeve having Rowan whipped because Aelin doesn’t want to show her evil aunt her powers?? 
> The cadre just being there when Rowan swears a blood oath to Aelin??? 

– Also blood oaths ain’t cute. And Rowan is dumb because he got out of one just to swear himself into another one. But like, whatever. Clearly, he didn’t learn the first time. 

– Okay, let’s lastly talk about how the magic works in this world because it makes no sense. Like, the continent of Erilea doesn’t have magic because the King of Adarlan used these towers to build a triangle and lock magic away. BUT his son (Dorian, my beautiful baby I love him) has magic, he (the King) has magic and his creatures have magic. Obviously then, magic is just contained and used to his advantage. That makes sense HOWEVER WHY DOES WEDLYN HAVE MAGIC????? It is constantly mentioned that Aelin won’t be fae when she returns to Adarlan because there is no magic there, but she can be fae in Wedlyn because Wedlyn has magic? So… Does this mean that other countries have magic? Why haven’t the other countries done anything? Because Aedion mentioned that he wonders what the other countries think about them and I can’t help but wonder if that means that other countries have magic and are afraid that they will lose it if they fight Adarlan. But magic only vanishes when the person is in Erilea. So does this mean that the King then have access to their magic if they are in the continent of Erilea? Also does the sea have magic or is the magic limited to land and countries? Like, how does this magic work??? Because Wedlyn has magic. Doranelle has magic. But not Adarlan and the other countries in Erilea, except that they do because Dorian has magic and so does the King’s creatures.

So… I am so confused. Someone explain. 


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