5 Podcasts to listen to this October

Hello guys!

I am here – once again – to recommend you something spooky for this spooky season. If you like to listen to things that scare you, here’s my top 5 favorite podcasts.

My Favorite Murder

Calling all my true crime fanatics out there! If you enjoy listening to spooky, murder stories while still having a bit of a laugh, then go listen to My Favorite Murder. This podcast is made up of two friends who sometimes just like to chill and talk about murder.

Those Conspiracy Guys

Sometimes you just need to sit down and listen to a bunch of guys yell over conspiracy theories. And this podcast is exactly that. It is a wild ride and even if you don’t believe the conspiracies, it is still fun just to hear how crazy things can get.


In bite-size pieces, Lore is a podcast that tells you the crazy stories behind the world’s most famous attractions. Stories of murder, and witchcraft come alive in Lore as you hear the crazy background of places you just need to add to your list.


Cults is an informative and creepy podcast telling you all about… well, cults. Starting with the Mason family, Cults gives you in-depth details about the craziest and scariest cults in history. Quick to be informative, Cults just cover the basis for a great, spooky time.

And That’s Why We Drink

Conspiracies, murder, ghosts, and… rotting lemon???
Those are all things covered in And That’s Why We Drink podcast. In this podcast, you get funny and extremely disgusting stories about the murders and haunting from all over the world. Plus, the two hosts also read the spooky, personal stories sent in by their listeners. Not only does this podcast make you want to crawl into a hole and never leave, but they also make you want to roll over laughing. Maybe not the best combination but it somehow worked out.

Sorry for the short post but here are my favorite podcasts to listen to in this spooky season. (Even though I listen to them even when it isn’t spooky season).

Anyways, see you all later.

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