3 Short Reviews: Manga

3 SHORT REVIEWS: MANGA #1 Fruits Basket – Collector’s Edition Total Volumes: 12 volumes totalStatus: Finished read Synopsis: Fruits Basket follows the main character of Tohru Honda as she tries to graduate high school after her mother’s death. When her grandfather’s house is up for renovation, Tohru attempts to live in a tent until the […]

“In-Depth Review”: Heir of Fire (I’m confused, someone explain)

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! DISCLAIMER: I haven’t read this book series in over five years (however long Crown of Midnight have been out). I read this for fun and fun only. I don’t mean this as an attack on the Sarah J. Maas as an author or anything in that vein. […]

Book Review: Heir of Fire (Spoiler Free)

★★★ Author: Sarah J. MaasPage #: 562 pagesFormat Read: Hardback Date Read: 7/31/2019 – 8/8/2019 This review is going to be a hot mess but here we are. So, this review will be short since it is the third book in a series, and nothing can really be discussed without spoiling but I do still […]

In-Depth Review: Shadow & Bone

This review contains spoilers! You have been warned! Oh boy, oh boy. So I’m going to go literally point by point on the major things that caught my eye while reading Shadow & Bone. So here we go. Grab a snack, a drink, and a pet. Right after the events of the Shadow Fold, Alina […]

Book Review: Shadow and Bone (Spoiler Free)

★★★ Author: Leigh BardugoPage #: 356 pagesFormat Read: PaperbackDate Read: 7/21/2019 – 7/29/2019 Synopsis: Shadow & Bone starts with our main character, Alina, going off to the Shadow Fold with her military unit. In her unit is her best friend and crush, Mal. Due to the Shadow Fold dividing the land of Ravka, Alina and […]