November Wrap Up (A Failure but was it really)

Hello, do you remember when I did this: Well, guess who failed in her own set TBR? You guessed it!Me! Okay, so actually in hindsight, of all the books I planned to read in the month of November, I did read 2. But I also DNF-ed a lot. So let's break this month down by [...]

I finally read the graphic novels on my TBR shelf & here are my thoughts

Hello guys! I'm not much of graphic novels type of person, but lately I have been using it as a coping mechanism to deal with reading Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. So are a couple of graphic novels that I have read and liked. Aquicorn Cove by Katie O'Neill ★★★★★ This is so precious!!! It [...]

Recipe: Beijinho (Little Kiss)

Here's a little sweet recipe to lighten your day. 🙂 Ingredients – 1 can of condensed milk 1 tablespoon of butter Shredded coconut or coconut flakes Directions – Place all ingredients in a pan Stir until it doesn’t stick to the pan Let it coolRoll it into a tiny balls(Optional) Add more shredded coconut or [...]

Reading Plans for November

I'm out of my reading slump!!!!!!!!!! I want to thank Leigh Bardugo, and The Hobbit triology. Hello guys!!!! So now that I am getting out of my reading slumps I thought I would share my reading plans for November. There's two readathons I want to participate in that's happening this month, plus a couple of [...]

The End of The Year Book Tag

Hey Guys! So, time for a book tag that I literally just watched on Youtube. Judge me but I need content. Anyways, I thought it would be fun since I love anything relating to these style of tags where you look back into the year and then look forward into the future. Wow, poetry. Also, [...]


The real reason for this post is that I want to rant about the books that I am reading to you. Why? Because I have no other thing to do today. So, I'm bringing you down to my Goodreads where I am attempting to read five books and not die. (Tbh, this is just a [...]

5 Podcasts to listen to this October

Hello guys! I am here - once again - to recommend you something spooky for this spooky season. If you like to listen to things that scare you, here's my top 5 favorite podcasts. My Favorite Murder Calling all my true crime fanatics out there! If you enjoy listening to spooky, murder stories while still [...]

TV series to watch this spooky season

Hello guys! So much like everyone else, I heavily enjoy binge watching TV series And since fall is upon us, I decided why not bring in some of my all time favorite series to you guys. Without further ado, onward to the TV Series to watch! TV SERIES: Bates Motel I can sit here and [...]

Series Announcement!

Hello guys!!!! So today's post is going to be very short post, but I have been thinking about adding a new series. So let's discuss it. Apart from literature, I have a massive love for history, mythology, science, and other weird facts and things. Lets just say... I spend an unhealthy amount of time researching [...]

Fall TBR List

*sigh* oh, Fall. The time that the leaves change color. The time for pumpkin-spice lattes and cozy sweaters. And some spooky and fun reads! I'm not someone who normally sticks to a TBR because I am such a mood-reader. However, I do have a fall mood, and that revolves around: Romance, Fantasy (always and forever), [...]