All the books I DNF-ed in 2019

2019 was a year of DNFs. The last part of my 2019 breakdown before doing a full year review is here!! I created a massive habit of DNF-ing books in 2019. I used to push myself to finish them, just so I could give a thought-out review as to why I didn’t like it. However, […]

My Favorite Books of 2019

Yes… I’m still wrapping up 2019… judge me. 2019 was an interesting reading year for me. A lot of the books that I read were 3 to 4 stars but the ones that were 5 stars were amazing reads. So here are my favorite books of 2019. The Pictures of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde […]

Worst Books of 2019

Disclaimer: everything here is my opinion. If you like any of these books, that’s great! Unfortunately, it didn’t do for me. Time for a 2019 wrap-up. This list is surprisingly short. Of course, I hope this means that I read more books that I loved than hated, however it could just be because I read […]